Saturday, August 21, 2010

Long time no post!

Needless to say, we have been busy lately!!! I am amazed at how much work to kiddos are....good and fufilling work but being a temporary stay at home mommy really makes me appreciate my Moma and Mother-in-Law for keeping LC and B when we work.

Last week we made TWO trips to Dothan. I put 2 in all caps because we haven't managed to make it anywhere on time lately and we sucessfully did!! As I was getting Brannon dressed, he has completely outgrown his newborn clothes-they don't even snap in the crotch! He is wearing a 3 month size most of the time! He is also super hungry drinking 5oz:)

LC is being a good big sister, correcting me when I hold his bottle the wrong way!! Funny of the week: we decided to give them a bath together this week. She did great talking to B the entire time in her little mommy voice saying "now little buddy, you are ok, shhhh, it's ok" then as she was rinsing his legs with water she found his privates:) She calls hers her "coo-coo" so she grabbed his and said "look Mommy, look at Brannon's little coo-coo, it's so cute." What do you say to that??? I just changed the subject and she moved along with me:)

Up next for us...I start my 4th semester of nurse practitioner school Monday. They actually emailed us a 52 page SURVIVAL GUIDE!! Not a syllabus or outline but survival guide!! I have a feeling things are going to get tougher but God has placed me in this program and I know I can do it!!

I know this may not be a super exciting blog to everyone but it is a way for me document what we are doing and look back on all the little things we so often forget! At this moment, B has his first little cold...stuffy nose:( LC is dancing around in her typical t-shirt and panties get-up, the child would be naked if I let her!!! Tonight Micah and I are going to Pier Park to see Chris Tomlin with friends....minus the chickadees...should be fun times:)

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